Salerno: CIR participates in the “Safe Streets Ambassadors” Project

30 November 2014:   CIR’s Immigration and Asylum Office-Salerno Province has collaborated with the Italian Automobile Club (ACI) and the Automobile Club of Salerno on a project called “Safe Streets Ambassadors”, the first in Europe to offering free driving safety classes to foreign drivers. More than 30 of the Salerno office’s clients, supported by CIR Staff, have taken part in the classes, conducted at the Vallelunga racetrack in Rome.

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On One Morning, CIR’s President Zaccaria presents two winners of CIR’s short film contest “Fammi Vedere” (“Show Me”)

27 November 2014: CIR’s President Roberto Zaccaria was a guest on Uno Mattina (RAI 1 TV’s One Morning program) where he spoke about the “Fammi Vedere” short film competition about the world of asylum and refugees sponsored by CIR. The winning entry “La Porta” (“The Door”), whose director Gianfranco Loffarelli was also a guest on the program, was shown, as was the second place film, “Travel”, by Tommaso Papetti.

Watch the segment here, which begins at 1:00:00.

Pope Francis to the European Parliament: We cannot tolerate that Mediterranean Sea becoming a huge cemetery

25 November 2014:   In a recent visit to the European Parliament, Pope Francis stated that it is “necessary to face the migration issue together. We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a huge cemetery! On the boats reaching European shores every day there are men and women who need welcome and help. The lack of mutual support within the European Union risks incentivizing particularistic solutions to the problem, that do not take into account the human dignity of immigrants, and that foster slave labor and continual social tensions. Europe will be able to cope with the problems related to immigration if it will put forward with clarity its own cultural identity and implement appropriate legislation that simultaneously supports the rights of European citizens and guarantees reception of migrants, if it will adopt correct, courageous and concrete policies that will help in the social-political development and to overcome the internal conflicts of their countries of origin – the principal cause of such phenomena – instead of policies of interest that increase and feed such conflicts. It’s necessary to act regarding the causes, and not only the effects” of migration, the Pope said.

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CIR’s “Fammi Vedere” (“Show Me”) short film competition on asylum rights: Three winners chosen

25 November 2014: Last night the three winners of CIR’s “Fammi Vedere” short film competition on asylum rights were announced at a fundraising event supporting CIR’s work held with the support of the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies at the Circolo di Montecitorio. The winners were “La Porta” (“The Door”) by Gianfranco Loffarelli, "Travel" by Tommaso Papetti, and "Philomene" by Diego Monfredini. The competition sought entries that could tell the story in cinematographic language of the world of asylum seekers and refugees.

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Interior Minister Alfano: 56,000 requests for protection to date in 2014

23 November 2014:   Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano stated at a November 19th hearing of the Schengen Committee of Italy’s Parliament that “there have been 56,485 requests for international protection filed since the beginning of the year, and 31,185 applications have been examined, with 3,339 grants of refugee status (11%), 6,944 grants of subsidiary protection (22%), 8,701 permits for humanitarian reasons (28%, and 11,186 protection denials (36%)”, ANSA reported.

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None of Europe’s Children Should Be Stateless: The New Campaign of the European Network on Statelessness

20 November 2014: In Europe today, thousands of children are growing up without any nationality because of legal conflicts and failures on the part of European nations in the correct application of their rights. On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which establishes every child’s fundamental right to have a nationality, the European Network on Statelessness (ENS), of which the Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) is a member, is launching a new campaign aimed at ending child statelessness.

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