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Migrants and secret agreements: Press Conference for the Asylum Round Table, Rome 27/09

23rd September 2016 – The organizations of the Asylum Round Table (including CIR) denounce the violations of human rights and the dire consequences of the ‘secret’ agreements that the Italian government has signed with African countries on the subject of immigration, beginning with the recent deal agreed with Sudan. On this matter a press conference will be held in Rome on the 27th September at 1pm in the Sala Nassiriya in Palazza Madama, Piazza Madama 11.

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Access to the asylum procedure, Rome Police Headquarters violate the right to protection. Grave concern from the associations involved in safeguarding the rights of asylum seekers

22nd September 2016. We are extremely concerned to have learnt that the Rome police force, as of yesterday 21st September 2016, is not accepting requests for international protection from large numbers of refugees that arrive in Police headquarters in Via Patini, having postponed the possibility to apply for asylum until the 21st October.

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Asylum in the EU Member States, EUROSTAT: Number of first time asylum seekers slightly up to almost 306 000 in the second quarter of 2016 Syrians continued to be the most numerous

22 September 2016 - During the second quarter of 2016 (from April to June 2016), 305 700 first time asylum seekers applied for international protection in the Member States of the European Union (EU), up by 6% compared with the first quarter of 2016 (when 287 100 first time applicants were registered). With nearly 90 500 first time applicants between April and June 2016, Syrians remained the main citizenship of people seeking international protection in the EU Member States, ahead of Afghans (50 300 first time applicants) and Iraqis (34 300). They represent the three main citizenships of first time asylum applicants in the EU Member States over the second quarter 2016, accounting for almost 60% of all first time applicants. Trad more:


24 August 2016 - CIR expresses its solidarity with the thousands of people affected by the earthquake in Central Italy and expresses its sorrow for the many innocent victims: in these sad and dramatic times we would like to underline that also many refugees and asylum seekers are actively demonstrating their solidarity with the affected populations. 20 asylum seekers, almost all of North African origin, residing in a centre run by GUS (Gruppo Umana Solidarietà) in Monteprandone, Ascoli Piceno, today departed as volunteers to Amandola, one of the towns in the Marche region struck by the earthquake, in order to provide support to the council's civil protection unit and to give assistance to the local population.

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CIR: Our activities for Baobab (Rome)

11th August 2016 – The Baobab project providing information and legal assistance, together with A Buon Diritto, resumed its activities some weeks ago. Our task is to inform the migrants present in Via Cupa (Via Tiburtina, Rome) of their rights and the legal context relevant to their situation in order that they can best understand the current and future dynamics that concern their position. Above all we aim, through our activities of legal assistance, to help them receive the protection to which they are entitled in Italy and Europe.

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European Commission: Completing the reform of the Common European Asylum System: towards an efficient, fair and humane asylum policy

13 July 2016 - The European Commission is today presenting proposals to complete the reform of the Common European Asylum System in order to move towards a fully efficient, fair and humane asylum policy – one which can function effectively both in times of normal and in times of high migratory pressure.

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